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Fitness, Running, Outdoor, Ski & mehr. Für jeden Sportler das richtige Outfit! Entdecke die neuesten Styles der Top Marken & rüste dich aus für deine Abenteuer Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie! Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Control‬ Changing Jesse's outfits is easy; just head to the control point located in the Central Executive. Once there, open the menu and select the outfit option. Keep in mind that this is the only control point where you'll be able to change how Jesse looks. Office Assistant. Jesse will wear this outfit to complete a dream sequence near the end of the game. However, you can use it permanently by. Control has collectible outfits that can be accessed and equipped at the Central Executive Control Point once they are unlocked. Below is a list of all outfits and how to unlock them. 1 Civilian 2 Tactical Response 3 Astral Dive Suit 4 Urban Response 5 Janitor's Assistant 6 Asynchronous Suit 7.. In Control könnt ihr insgesamt zehn verschiedene Outfits freischalten, die Jesse anziehen kann. Die Freischaltbedingungen sind manchmal simpel, aber teilweise auch kompliziert. Wie ihr alle.

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  1. Control Ultimate Edition Outfits. I bought the ultimate edition because I didn't previously own control and really wanted to play it. Now, as it appeared to me, the ultimate edition was just a bundle containing the base game and both dlcs but what's with the outfits that were said to come with it
  2. Control is a game that rewards exploration and creativity, offering up ability points, mods and more for finding hidden caches. However, the best hidden treats are the unlockable outfits and costumes which can be earned through a variety of quests or puzzles in the Oldest House
  3. g to find everything in this extremely mysterious, supremely weird game, this is a good place to start.. Outfits.

Control Outfits - How to Unlock Costumes. Outfits are different costumes you can wear in Control. They make your character look different, but don't have any effect on the gameplay. They're simply there to let you customize the protagonist. In order to use them, you'll first have to find them. This guide is going to show you how to unlock. Control Outfits Guide. Below we have listed all the outfits that you can find in the game. Civilian Outfit. This is the outfit you start with and is the default suit Jesse wears at the beginning of the game. Janitor's Outfit. To get this outfit, you need to a complete one of the What a Mess side quest that requires you to work with Ahti. Once you have completed the task, you will obtain the. Take control of the game's very large number of tweakable parameters. Enable infinite hover for the Levitate ability, modify % of source lost on death, interaction button hold duration, tweak launch target prioritization, auto-aim parameters and more. Miscellaneous. By registrator2000. 1KB CONTROL - All Outfits & How to Unlock Them (Janitor's Outfit, Golden Suit, Candidate P7, etc)The Outfits:[0:51] - Civilian[1:18] - Candidate P7[1:56] - Direc.. Index of Control Game Guides: This Page: Control Game: How To Unlock All Outfits; Next Page: Control Game: How To Unlock All Weapons & Abilities Next Page: Control Game Collectibles Locations Guide Control Game Outfits. Let's take a look at all 6 unlockable Control game outfits AKA alternate costumes AKA character skins in the game

This Control Outfit Unlock Guide tells you how to unlock all the different Outfits we discovered on our play through as most are hidden behind side missions or complex puzzles. Outfits are a way to customize the main characters physical appearance. The Outfits in Control are purely cosmetic. This means they do not add any buffs or influence. Control all outfits. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up Next How to change the outfit in the game? A. You can choose the outfit at the reaching and cleaning the first control place. Q. I am particularly interested in the Tactical Gear because the rest I want to unlock myself. Are there more pre-order outfits? Can I unlock all pre-order outfites, but no the ones that I can unlock through gameplay. Control has a whole bunch of outfits you can dress Jesse in. Learn how to unlock each and everyone of them from the base game! Join Our Super Friendly D..

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How To Change Outfits In Control. During your time in The Oldest House, you will encounter many Control Points. These act as both checkpoint locations and Fast Travel locations. The first time you encounter one, it's during the story and you cannot miss it, is in the Central Executive area. After you take control of the Control Point, you can interact with it. All Control Points allow you to.

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Control - Outfits: how to unlock every outfit, including

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